Contact Scheme

Welcome to the Contact Scheme from all Co-ordinators and Visitors around the country. This page is intended to give those reading for the first time an insight into what we do.

The Scheme came together in its present form in 2008 and it is a joy to be involved and have the friendship of so many genuinely helpful, interested and interesting people, not only in this work but in the wider GPA community too.

Over five years the Scheme has grown to cover most of the GPA Areas who are active in visiting. There is a Coordinator in each Area and in total, over 200 Visitors. There were concerns when the Welfare Officer system of visits, organised by Nat West, ended. However Visitors in all parts of the country stepped in to plug that particular gap, and now almost every Area is represented, especially where the Care Homes previously existed. It is a comfort to know that if I get a call seeking a visit, I can lift the phone and know that the Co-ordinator will very quickly have a Visitor on the way.

We are constantly seeking out ways of contacting and helping all Members, irrespective of age, and indeed nonmembers where there is a need, and work closely with the GPA Benevolent Fund to identify individuals who could benefit from a Grant. Further information can be found on the Ben Fund Webpage.

The recent Recruitment campaign has welcomed many new Members around the country, it may be that you are one of them. Young or not so young, just retired or a long time Member of the GPA, an interest in people, enjoy meeting up with old and new friends, points to make, concerns that need an airing. Sounds familiar? All Area Committees, The Area Visiting Scheme Co-ordinators and Visitors do a fantastic job and they would welcome anyone interested in giving a few hours a month of their time.

More details can be found within each Area Webpage and an Application for help from the Benevolent Fund can be downloaded. Why not take a look at these Schemes and other activities that are taking place in your Area? You may be surprised at what is happening throughout the country and is bringing our Members, friends and spouses together.



Paul Staight



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