May 2019 Update

The Executive Committee now advise you that at the Association’s  AGM and Council held on 16/17th April, 67.5% of Council members present and entitled to vote elected to continue the Association albeit with a much-reduced organisation following a last-minute presentation made at that meeting.

There will be a six-person Central Administrative Function, replacing the Executive Committee, the position of chairman will be split between Paul Staight and David Vanstone – both of whom will also have additional roles.

The new structure will be phased in between September this year and April 2020, when it will go fully live following that month’s Council meeting

There is still a lot of work to be done on the detail of how it will work in practice so further information will be advised in due course.

If you want to assist in keeping the Association flourishing please do not be shy as extra volunteers to help will always be welcome. To help at national level please contact rbsgpa@gmail.com – you do need to be computer literate. To help at local Area level please make contact with your Area Committee or by emailing rbsgpa@gmail.com