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A very warm welcome to the RBS Group Pensioners’ Association – especially to any first time “visitors” to this website.

MNTD Election

Attached are two documents about an election for Member Nominated Trustee Directors of the RBS Group Pension Fund, which is due to take place early in the New Year.

It is really important that these documents are read and considered by as many GPA members as possible, so could I please ask you to read these and advise other GPA members of them.

Please also raise the matter at any forthcoming events which you may be attending in your Area.

With many thanks for your support. 

Click here to find out more about the election

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Membership of the Association is open to everyone currently drawing a pension from any of the constituent banks or companies within the RBS Group. At present there are some 18,500 members.

Some join immediately upon retirement, while others sign up at a later date when time allows.

There are four principal spheres of interest where the Association concentrates its efforts:

  • Pensions and benefits
  • Banking services
  • GPA Visiting Scheme
  • Social events

The Association is run entirely by volunteers, who are Bank pensioners themselves. There is a central management committee, with Great Britain being divided up into 36 autonomous Areas.

The membership fee is £1 per month, deducted from the pension at source.

Each year the Association publishes its own award-winning magazine, 50+ Fresh Horizons, which covers events around the country as well as stories of individual pensioners and their personal involvements and interests. In addition, most Areas produce a quarterly newsletter.

The Visiting Scheme works on a “member helps member” basis, where volunteers keep an eye on the more elderly and needy in their own catchment area who may require financial help to purchase essential capital items or who just appreciate a visitor who calls for a friendly chat from time to time.

If you would like further information please e-mail rbsgpa@gmail.com

I hope that we shall soon be hearing from you.


David Watson

The RBSGPA is an independent body founded in 1963 to advance the interests of Group pensioners.

It is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc or any of its subsidiary companies.

Please note that any material displayed on this website does not necessarily represent the policies or opinions of the Association, unless written by Officers of the Association in their official capacity.